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The Traveling In Italy website is targeted at first time visitors to Italy seeking a traveler's perspective on Italy.

Traveling In Italy

Italy Trip planning, first steps - you need to answer these questions:

Best time to visit Italy?

Where should I go in Italy?

What to do in Italy

Second Steps - Putting your Italy Trip together:

Italy Tours

Building an Itinerary

Safety - Pickpockets, taxis and authoritative sources

Traveling by Train in Italy

Our visit to Italy was for 20 days (Sep. 20 - Oct. 19, 2010). The information on this website comes from a one time visit. While I hope the information provided in Traveling In Italy .info will inspire and help you with trip planning, things are always changing. We are not going to be able to keep up with the daily changes in Italy,  Europe or World travel. Also note we are not experts on Travel, I strongly recommend visitors obtain a good guide book on the area they plan to visit.

Due to the change in html and other web requirements I had to remove almost all of the content on the Traveling In Italy website.

I will reestablish the content for Travelingin Italy.Info and my other websites as time provides, it will be a slow process, I may never get this site back to what it was. I made never get time to work on it again.

I am currently working on updating my Rock and Mineral website - give it a visit if you have an interest in geology.

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